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Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth module

50,00 €

– Pre-configured Bluetooth radio module with soldered headers (XBee socket compatible)


Decription : 

With Ardusimple Bluetooth module, you will be able to provide low cost RTK technology to your smartphone or computer without cables.

The simpleRTK2B board is compatible with all commercial Bluetooth modules on the market that support UART communication.
We got many requests from our users to provide an off-the-shelf product that is ready to be used with their simpleRTK2B board.

To avoid doing soldering or connecting wires between the UART pins and the BT modules, our BT module can be connected to the existing XBee socket to provide a neat and compact solution.

Good to know:
– The Bluetooth module is sent pre-configured, ready to be used with the simpleRTK2B board (if bought together)
– Default configuration is at 38’400bps
– Compatible with all our simpleRTK2B board
– Compatible with smartphones, computers and other devices that support Bluetooth 2.0
– Not compatible with iOS device, for iOS devices check this article.